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We stock a number of fittings for plumbing professionals including compression, end feed, solder ring, push fit and flexible options.

Pipes, Guttering and Fittings

We stock plastic piping, guttering, downpipe, waste pipe and fittings along with copper pipe and fittings. 

Bathroom Fittings

We've all experienced the leaking tap, swinging toilet seat and missing sink plug.  We sell washers, toilet seats and replacement parts, plugs.  

If you've plumbed your washing machine and need an inlet hose or you've repair jobs in the kitchen or bathroom come and see us and our wide range of plumbing accessories. 

Drain Cleaners

From Caustic Soda to Drain Rods whether you've got a blocked sink or drain we have the tools and chemicals to help you. 

We also sell the very popular drain covers, to help prevent leaves and other debris from cluttering up and blocking your drains.

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